The Clash of Yesterday by Sawyer Bennett

Published: December 31, 2020

This is a prequel book to the new Chronicles of the Stone Veil series from Sawyer Bennett and though it was a rather slow start for me I really got into it by the middle. This novella starts with a bit of the history of the fae and then moves into the current feud between two factions from the same fae realm. The fae realm of Brevala is separated into two factions and it is feud that goes back to the creation of the realm. Only now Ronan and Eliana live in the Earth realm and run into each other in Seattle. In a nigh that was strange for both of them Ronan actually helps out Eliana and they go at it for hours. Though they hate each other they both have to admit that maybe they don’t hate each other as much as they think.

This enemies to lovers story really heats up when they are called back to Faerie to participate in the festival there that takes place every 100 years. Ronan realizes during this festival that he doesn’t want to hurt Eliana even though they were both gladiators during the Roman Empire. Though Ronan doesn’t want to hurt her they have to make sure the fight is as real as it gets. The feud between them makes their story so good and the fact that they learn about a prophecy that could end the world but they don’t know about helping really changes things. You need to read this book and then read the first full novel of this series. If you loved Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series this will be one of your new favorites!

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