Bjerner and the Beast by Miranda Grant

Published: February 7, 2021

I feel like everyone should be warned that though this book is very good and I couldn’t put it down the ending was a very Game of Thrones ending. Such as everyone died and I was disappointed in it. But I also did not read the blurb saying that it was a romantic tragedy. I went in fully expecting an HEA and that is on me. I will say that I enjoyed that this was a continuation of the previous two books and that it was a gender reversal of the beauty and the beast tale. Bjerner was the little boy who was brought back to life in the previous book and he is assigned to the Byzantine emperor’s personal guard but he is sent on a mission by the empress and in a fight for his life he discovers the lair of Medusa’s daughter. Though they started off rocky he learned to care for Ophidia because of her personality not because of her looks. When he leaves her all he can do is worry about her and anyone out trying to hurt her. Until he is betrayed by his own father and he ultimately makes a deal with Delentia to keep Ophidia safe. Too bad that deal cost Ophidia everything.

Again, I was really enjoying this book until the endings because it was progressing really well. It had action and romance as well as a bit of fantasy. Only at the ending I wanted to throw my kindle. I didn’t though because that would have been dumb. I totally ranted and raved at this book but I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to seeing what else the author has up her sleeve.

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