Reckless Road by Christine Feehan

Published: February 9, 2021

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this book because I did not like the one before it and I wasn’t too crazy about the third book in the series either. To me this series started really strong and has been getting weaker as it goes rather than stronger. Though this book didn’t really add much to the storyline as whole I really liked the couple and thought it was well written. This book is about Player and Zyah and how Player messed up big time right away. Now I did like the parts where he was trying to get Zyah to forgive him but I did think that Player got injured really early on in the storyline. I was kind of hoping that we would get more action in this book than we did but there was at least some action. The villains in this book were a new group but they weren’t the typical ones that Torpedo Ink go after.

So because of Player getting injured protecting Zyah early on we actually get to see more into his past in the “school” quite early as well. Since he can’t tell reality from illusion he knows that he is a danger to himself and everyone around him as he continues to see the horrors that were done to him. Zyah handled the revelation remarkably well and even decided that it was worth it to stay with him. I enjoyed their journey. Again, I do kind of wish that there was more action in this book but it was hinted at with the Ghosts so maybe that will be coming up. I’d like to see more of the fight with the Ghosts and who they are. I also can’t wait for Alena’s book because I don’t know who she will end up with. Hopefully the next ones continue to be just as good.

—-“Preacher put his hand on top of the clerk’s head and held her at arm’s length, ignoring her wild struggle to reach the items rolling off the table.”—

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