Inked Persuasion by Carrie Ann Ryan

Published: February 9, 2021

This book was so good. As many of you know I’m still fairly new to the Montgomery Ink universe so it was nice to read the first book from a new Montgomery clan when it was released. This was a nice feel good book that definitely had its drama to it. Annabelle is part of the Montgomery’s in Fort Collins, CO but her father is against the Montgomery clan in Denver. It makes no sense to any of the children but it has always been that way. However, Annabelle’s entire world changes when her former brother-in-law moves into the house next door to hers. Though they were once good friends he hates her now for reasons only known to him. Jacob blames Annabelle for the whole marriage fiasco with his brother during the last weeks of his life. He believes that she did it all for the cameras, however, he doesn’t have the whole story. Which is what makes their reunion interesting. He is intentionally cruel to her when all she wants to do is be friends again or at least neighborly.

Well, as a true romance it, of course, had a lot of great back and forth between the couple as well as plenty of moments where I just wanted them to get it through their thick skulls that they had feelings for each other. And these feelings surfaced because they start out their relationship as simply friends with benefits and then feelings were created as they normally are in this situations. Now there was some ex-wife and stalker neighbor drama in this book too so don’t go off thinking that it was all between the main characters. But to get that information you’ll have to read the book. Finally, I had to double check the names for the couple in the next book. I did not see that coming. Especially which Montgomery it is and who his heroine is not. I’m looking forward to seeing how that happens!

—-“No. Stop it. No sarcasm.” / “That’s just not going to happen in this family,” Archer said, sarcasm dripping from his tone.” -Annabelle to the family, pg.29—

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