The Revelation of Light and Dark by Sawyer Bennett

Published: February 9, 2021

This book was so good. I didn’t expect to be as invested in it as I was especially when the main characters weren’t fae as the prequel kind of lead us to believe. Finley was literally minding her own business until she attracted the unwanted attention of Carrick Burne who both hated her but ultimately needed her. For what she didn’t know but he was nice to everyone but her. So when she realized that he can see the same things that she can but without the negative feelings with them she both wants to run away and is intrigued. Carrick, however, has his own agenda and that involved Finley and a prophecy to save the world.

I am so glad that these books are coming out close together because I don’t think I could wait a year between books. I did that with Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series and I don’t want to do that again. I mention the Fever series because this book has very strong Fever vibes. If you loved that series like I did I honestly think that you will love this one. Finley basically discovered a world within her own that she had no clue existed and Carrick is an enigma but he understands the world better than anyone else and she needs him. She also is starting to care for him though he has done nothing to encourage those feelings. The back and forth between these two is fabulous and I think in the next books we are going to see a lot more into Finley and Carrick considering what happened at the end of this book. And that event was HUGE!!! I can’t even imagine what the dialogues are going to be in the next book to explain what happened at the end of this one. Finally, I am convinced that Carrick is actually a demi-god and he is going through all of this to get full god status. Though he could be something more since a cursed was mentioned. There is plenty of mystery in this book so March can’t get here fast enough. And the Fever series will be officially done by then so if you need a fix you can read this book and then the second one right away. Either way make sure you don’t miss out on this dynamic new series.

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