Pushing You Away by Kennedy Fox

Published: February 16, 2021

This book was everything! Only now I NEED the next installment. I knew that this book was going to be interesting because in the epilogue of the last one Katie slammed the door in Noah’s face with no regrets. She can’t just forgive and forget 10 years of him cutting her completely out of his life. Especially when she needed him the most after the death of her cheating husband and being left to raise her son alone. She never blamed him for Gabriel’s death but she did blame him for just deciding that he wasn’t good enough to be in her life. Now all Noah wants is a second chance that he knows he doesn’t deserve. All he wants is to explain why he did what he did. Well, he got that opportunity when he is forced to hide out at her place because someone is trying to kill him. He thought they were just trying to scare him away from town but when this mystery person throws a pipe bomb through his dad’s window he knows he can no longer put people in danger. He needs to hide out and the last place anyone would expect him is Katie’s new house. Only now he is around her all the time and Owen as well. That just makes feelings much more complicated.

Ok, so I’ve got to say that Brittany did not give me a good feeling throughout the book. I know EXACTLY who she is but I cannot say it here because well that would be an extreme spoiler to those of you who haven’t read the book. And I agreed to no spoilers in order to get the ARC. However, in time you will all figure it out but I am super interested in finding out how the rest of the characters figure out who she is. I also want to know what happens next so bad! Since this is a duet book it ends on a pretty crazy note that will ensure that you come back for the second one. Definitely don’t wait to read this one. Or wait just long enough to read this one and the second one right away. No judgement here if you do that. Either way make sure you grab it!

—“The bleachers? You’ve watched too many teenage eighties movies.” -Katie to Noah—

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