The Bachelor by Carly Phillips

Re-Published: February 16, 2021

This book is a republished version of one of Carly Phillips first books and since I was 9 year old when this came out I certainly did not read it then. However, now I have and I thought it was cute. It was definitely a feel good romance. There are such things as cozy mysteries and I would say that this is a cozy romance. There wasn’t a whole lot of drama in the storyline and everything was fairly predictable but it was so cute. I loved Roman and Charlotte as characters and as a couple. Roman was kind of a jackass at the beginning of this novel though and I wasn’t sure how he would change. He wanted to marry a woman, have a kid, and then leave them as soon as possible to get back to his life on the road. He didn’t want to be stuck in a small town in New York but with his mother’s health declining the three brothers decided to give her a grandchild to focus on and he lost the coin toss. What I thought was cute though was that the only woman he was even attracted to and could see himself having kids with is the one who would never accept the arrangement he needed. But he couldn’t stay away from her.

Charlotte had some real baggage that she had to come to terms with before even considering spending time romantically with Roman. She figured they could get each other out of their systems and that would be that. Only that is simply never the case. I loved how they basically danced around each other through almost the entire book. I also liked that there was drama but it was regular small town drama and nothing too traumatic. That was kind of a nice change from other books that I’ve read recently. Finally, I was all about Raina’s meddling. I thought she was hilarious and though she felt guilty about faking it all she still never came clean. That is the skill of a true meddler. I do hope that I get an ARC for the next book but if I don’t I might have to see if my library has a copy when it was originally published. Definitely want to keep reading about these Chandler brothers!

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