Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Book 5 by Dianna Love

Published: February 16, 2021

Where do I start with this one? Seriously it is getting a bit more difficult to write a review for these books because they are so good and I want to gush about so many different parts but that would give some major spoilers. As usual, this one starts right were the last one left off and that is with Daegan needing to decide between getting the grimoire box and Casidhe. Well, he needs both of them but he can’t just leave Casidhe in the hands of that bitch Queen Maeve so he needs to make a deal with the Faetheen that will either hurt him or help him. In addition to these dilemmas, we finally learn who Ainvar is only Casidhe isn’t there to learn who he is. There is also a connection with the Oracle and Ainvar and I had actually forgotten about the Oracle as well so I am curious to discover the greater role that she will play in this.

We also got a bit more romance in this book than in the previous ones. Quinn and Reese have decided that they are going to stay together and Quinn is actually going to let Reese fight and hunt demons like she needs to. Their arrangement showed great development in their relationship from the previous books and I am so hoping that nothing happens to the baby. Also, the ice dragons in this book. Like damn! I didn’t trust Herrick to begin with and he has shown himself to be a real bastard. Brynhild we knew was a bitch but wait until you see who she is going to be working with now. Like things are going to get real frosty. We also got the first real clue in this book that Casihde is of dragon decent. Though Daegan has had his hunches we actually got some solid proof. We find out more about who is controlling the Imortiks as well. It’s gonna be intense in the next book. And finally the ending of this book! Like hasn’t Tristan been through enough!! I cannot wait for the next one and am so glad it isn’t only a few weeks out.

—“She grabbed two books from the closest shelf and hugged them to her chest, starting to hyperventilate. Was this separation anxiety? How did women ever let go of a child the first if it scared Casidhe this much to watch her books disappear?” – Casidhe—-

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