The Bookworm’s Guide to Flirting by Emma Hart

Published: February 23, 2021

It was like I blinked and this book was done. It was super cute and had a lot of moments of hilarity. Though if you’ve read any Emma Hart books you should expect them to be funny and to have crazy old people. I loved Saylor because she was such a crazy good character. She was super tough on the outside but had a really soft and squishing center. But she had given up on love and a relationship with someone that actually made her want to leave her couch and sweat pants. In walks Dylan her super hot British roommate. Only because they are roommates they both decided they couldn’t start anything with the other one which made living together awkward at times. Dylan was also a great character because he was just the all around great guy that you don’t see a lot. Even in contemporary romances like this the good guy always has something dark in his past but not with Dylan. He was just nice but he also had enough snark and sarcasm to keep Saylor interested. As with any of Emma Hart’s characters the men need to have a handle on snark and sarcasm as well in order to keep up with the women.

I will say in this one we didn’t get as much of the crazy octogenarians as I was hoping for but we definitely got some. Especially since a new one was added to the mix though he was still quite sane and apparently still had fucks to give unlike the rest of them. Still they were great comical relief randomly throughout the book. Finally, I love that this series of three books had to do with bookworms. I feel totally seen but I want the merch that they were talking about. I’d love a shirt that said “I take a different guy to bed every night”. I might have to go out and actually see if anyone has it. I’m all about those kinds of things. Anyway, I enjoyed this romcom and though I wish it were longer that is a feeling a have about a lot of books. I get used to it.

—-“I saw the way he looked at you when you walked in. I looked at my doctor like that when he gave me cream for my hemorrhoids.” -Mabel (Saylor’s Grandma)—

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