A Discovery of Secrets and Fate by Sawyer Bennett

Published: March 2, 2021

Well this series is really gearing up to be one great epic. This second book takes place right after Finley discovers that her sister is a Dark Fae though no one really knows how she became that way or if her sister is somewhere inside her. Unfortunately, the answer is much more horrific than she could ever even think of. Finley now knows that she has a role in some prophecy but she rejects that as soon as she hears it. She cannot believe that the fate of the world is up to her and honestly she just wants to mourn the loss of her sister. So she runs. But she doesn’t do a great job at hiding since Carrick can still find her and she has a business to run. Only after tragedy strikes again is she ready to believe in the prophecy and to accept her role in fighting the Dark Fae. But she decides that she needs her friends to know what is going on. Though they can’t see the fae or daemons all the time she needs them to believe her and be in her corner. Which actually ends up being easier than she thought. We also get a trip into Faery in this book where we learn even more about Carrick. Though my suspicions were confirmed my thoughts on what it means for him to ascend were much different than what would actually happen. Which makes me question if this book will actually be a romance or just an epic fantasy. I’m leaning more towards epic fantasy which is just fine but I like to know these things. So far we haven’t gotten any of the typical romance factors but we are only on book two. There are at least three books left.

And I am so looking forward to those three books. We actually get two books in March which is amazing. Especially when you consider everything the author has been tackling in her personal life. Very few full time authors publish two books in one month so this is something special. It also means I have less time to wonder about answers which is awesome! I love being able to review ARCs. It sooths my impatient soul. As a final thought, if you read Karen Marie Moning’s latest book and are now looking for something to fill the hole the Fever series left behind you need to check this one out. Just trust me.

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