Blind Side by Ravyn Salvador

Published: February 15, 2021

This is the first book I have read by the author but since I’ve met her I fully decided to read this one, because why not get an ARC? I did enjoy this book and thought it was well written but I would have liked a fuller storyline. Though I realize it’s a novella even novellas can have meatier storylines. I loved the characters though! Draven was so great and he had a lot of damage in his past and was an interesting hero. Interesting as in he was kind of an unexpect hero which was nice. Presley wasn’t interested in dating anyone who worked for the team since she had been burned before but Draven was relentless and that actually ended up working out for him. Who knew?
The problem that I had with this novella was the time element. Like it they talked about going paintballing at the end of the chapter and then it was like a month later in the next. While I realize that these types of things are necessary to move the story along and especially for stories that do not have the instalove that romance novels are famous for when it happened in this one it felt disjointed. Maybe that was just me but that is how it read to me. I would say definitely give this novella a chance. It was well written and a good storyline it just wasn’t as full as I had wanted it to be. And in case anyone was wondering “yes” I will read more by this author when I get the chance. I already have her full length novel hanging out on my kindle.

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