Holding You Close by Kennedy Fox

Published: March 16, 2021

This book was so good. I really enjoyed this second half of the duet. It starts out right where the first one left off with Noah being rushed to the hospital due to almost being killed in a car accident. He does survive, because there obviously wouldn’t be a story otherwise, but they are more convinced than ever that Brittany is behind it. And of course she is! I totally called that! What liked about the whole hospital thing was that he didn’t get right back to it. Some of the story was spent with him healing from the crash which is what the story should have but unfortunately so many of them just say “well he’s fine” and get on with it. I’m so glad that this one didn’t. It made it seem more real.
Well, this book was totally worth the wait. There was some definite drama with Brittany trying to “avenge” Gabe and using Katie to do that. Which could have ended up much worse than it did since they were able to find her in time. Also, Brittany was just a batshit crazy bitch. Like damn she blamed Noah for Gabe’s death and was convinced that Gabe would have left Katie for her had he lived. And honestly, Katie would probably have been the first one to leave. But that is a moot point. This book starts out with all this drama but it doesn’t end with it. It ends as a sweet contemporary romance with very little drama to speak of. Owen finds out what happened to his birth dad but he has accepted Noah as his father and knows that he will be there for him no matter what. Especially once the twins are born. I would also like to say that I really liked the epilogue with Owen taking care of his siblings. I thought that was a very sweet touch. I might have given away a couple of things in this post but I want you to know how sweet this book was and that it is totally worth a read.

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