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Of Fire and Flame by Donna Grant

Published: March 22, 2021

This book was definitely different than the other dragon king books and the novellas that have been put out recently. This novella was split into three parts that took place during the time frame of Con and Rhi’s breakup. The first part is from Rhi’s point of view and we really get to see how she was so distraught from Con’s callus breakup that she had to leave Earth. The only place she knew to go was the Fae realm and though those scenes make sense they were a bit jumbled or quick for me. But that really shows how Rhi wasn’t thinking and just wanted to die there. Which she almost did if it wasn’t for Erith and Con. The second point of view in this book is Con’s and honestly his feelings brought me to tears. He knew what he was doing when he basically rejected his mate. He was ready to die so that the kings could stay together without any in-fighting. But even though he tried to go into the dragon sleep all he saw was Rhi and knew she was in trouble. His feelings were so raw that if we had seen that Con through the entire series I might have liked him better. Finally, we get Erith’s point of view. She had always wanted to be friends with Rhi and Con but she really didn’t know how. Especially when any Fae who found out about her was killed. She knew that Rhi had a larger destiny than dying in the Fae realm and needed Con to save her since she couldn’t do it herself. However, she could save the two babies that were growing in Rhi and trust that Con would save her. What she didn’t foresee was the children being aware enough that they did not want to return to their mother. Now this cleared up a lot for me because I was thinking how dare she not return the children but she had wanted to and they wouldn’t go back. So I am curious as to why they didn’t want to be with Rhi or Con. Honestly, I really want one of their books because so far the twins are jerks and assholes and I don’t like them. I cannot wait for more books in the series and the dark world!

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