The Evolution of Fae and Gods by Sawyer Bennett

Published: March 23, 2021

OH MY GOD! I am so thankful that these books come out fairly quickly after each other because if I had to wait months or even a year I might go mad. Though I totally would wait that long. I am loving this series and loving Finely and Carrick. In this book we actually get more chapters from Carrick’s point of view which is awesome. If you are a long time reader of mine you know that I love dual point of view books. Now it isn’t as much as from Finely’s but she is the main hero of the story. They finally figure out exactly who the dark fae is that takes over Fallon’s body and what she is trying to do. It also gets quite gruesome (at least by Sawyer Bennett standards) with regards to her rituals so be warned. In addition to knowing what her plans are they also make another trip to Faerie in the interest of getting help. Only if you’ve read the previous book you probably know how that one played out.

Finely is also exploring her powers in this one to the extent that she can make a connection with her twin in the underworld. Only from what I gather her twin doesn’t even realize that she was taken from the world of man to begin with. Which could be a really interesting twist since Finely will stop at nothing to get her sister. Additionally, we FINALLY get a bit of romance in this one! After that heated kiss in the last book when they were in Faerie I wasn’t entirely certain that they were going to stick to their guns about each other. But I’ll tell you they are dynamic together and as we find out at the end of the book Carrick had a very good reason for avoiding Finely as long as he did and it wasn’t just because she is mortal. We also find out why Carrick was cursed by Ruin and why the god has a hard on for him. And the book (of course) ends with an intense and unknow cliffhanger that just makes me want the next story now, now, now. I’m not a very patient person but I also appreciate the time books take so I’ll just be sitting here reading other books until we get more of the Chronicles of the Stone Veil. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did!

—“Zaid looked like he’d been struck with lightning, his appalled expression remaining there for a good five minutes after he had, in fact, taken a seat at the end of the counter.”- When Rainey told him she was cooking—

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