Dare to Tease by Carly Phillips

Published: March 23, 2021

This book was really cute and a nice close out for the Dare Nation series. Brianne has been a staple in the series from the beginning and though she had been hurt in the past she wasn’t totally adverse to having a relationship. She was just tired of men wanting to use her in order to access one of her famous brothers. Which is why she could even entertain the idea if being with Hudson because he doesn’t need anything from her. He’s already part of the family.

I just loved how strong of a character Bri is. She knows what she wants out of life and she knows how to get it. She wants Hudson and decides to go for it when he gives her the opening. Hudson was also an interesting character. He was the epitome of the good guy/boy next door but he also had secrets and had to deal with an awful family. Like they are truly terrible and I do wonder if there would have been a family forgiveness moment if the book had been longer. I don’t think it’s necessary but it would have been interesting. Anyway, I’m looking forward to what’s next from Carly Phillips and remember that this book is only available on Amazon for the first 90 days.

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