Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Book 6 by Dianna Love

Published: March 23, 2021

This book. Oh man everything just keeps getting better in this series. I loved the action of it and the twists and turns the storyline took. Like seriously I don’t know how each book just keeps getting better. So we find out if Tristan survived the attack by Skarde in this one and we also see a bit more on what is going on in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the gang is still looking for Adrianna but some questions about Sen’s hatred for Evalle have been answered, and if you’re like me and have read the entire Belador series we have waited A LONG TIME for why he hates her so much. And as with everything that has to do with Evalle it isn’t even her fault. So Sen has been making her a target because of his own misplaced anger. What all this means though is that we do know that Adrianna and Sen are still alive but Isak is on the warpath to find Adrianna and will take down anyone in his way. As with the other books we are bounced around with characters from chapter to chapter but I am happy to say that Casidhe is really coming into her own in this book, unfortunately, Daegan thinks that she betrayed him to the ice dragons. Which couldn’t be further from the truth but he wouldn’t hear her out at all. That seems to be a theme between them which is seriously unfortunate because I think they would make a great couple. If they would just talk to each other. I have also grown to really hate Herrick in this book. Not that I was a very big fan of his before hand but I at least thought he would be a neutral character but no. He had to go and ruin everything and now Casidhe needs to defend herself against him. Which is not what he expected but that is going to be an epic beginning to the next book.

We also get a fight between the dragons and Brynhild inadvertently helping Daegan because all Herrick wants is his brother back and didn’t even think that his sister could still be alive. And with a sister like her you do not want to be on her bad side. This also means that Jovan is up to his tricks and though I can’t tell you what he did because that would be a major spoiler I can tell you that it was devious and I hope he gets his comeuppance soon. Finally, the roles of everyone else are just starting to flesh out a bit more and we finally know who is controlling the immortiks. Though I wish that Daegan would be able to get the venom out of his system that doesn’t seem to be a major plot point anymore so I’m hoping that it “burns off”. Also, Brina finally had her babies! That is probably the one great part of this but it also shows truly what the timeline has been between this book and Tzader’s. So only 9 months and that always throws me for a look. Anyway, I hope you are as excited for the next book as I am. Don’t miss it!

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