Headhunter by Kristen Proby

Published: April 6, 2021

I thought that this book was well written and it definitely started out with a bang since in the epilogue of the last book Ivie was taken by an outsider. Well, with Ivie taken Shane is out of his mind with worry and though he was on a mission where he had to lie low for weeks he did not give himself anytime to rest. He needed to get her back as soon as possible and wasn’t even sure who would want to harm her. That was the whole point of this book essentially figuring out who would want her dead and why. They were very close to having a war with another mafia family over Ivie and it would have been two against one because the Russians had claimed her as their own and Shane’s family also claimed her so she should have been protected on all fronts. Only that wasn’t the case. The mystery of who was after her and why was really interesting because it seemed like the impossible was after her only to have that impossibility become a reality.

What I really enjoyed was the dynamic between Ivie and Shane. Ivie was a spitfire and had her own way of doing things because she had been in charge of taking care of herself for year. Well because no one knew who was after her all she wanted was to protect her friends and especially Shane. She knew that they could protect themselves but she really wanted to leave so that they would no longer be in danger. Shane of course had none of that but their sparring matches were definitely interesting. Especially when Ivie called Curt cute. Then Shane went all alpha male. The other part I liked about this is one is that it wasn’t all about the mafia. It was different than Carmine’s in that everything was about protecting the family and the mafia but Shane was about family and his job with the government. This story could easily be just a military romance rather than a mafia one but it had a nice twist with the mafia romance. Finally, the epilogue of this book is crazy. The next book is going to be so good. I really can’t wait to read it because it is Annika’s book and she has already been through so much.

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