Just One Night by Carly Phillips

Published: April 20, 2021

This was a cute beginning to a new series. We got a glimpse at it in the last full Dare Nation novel when Linc went to meet with his long lost sister Aurora. In this book we did get to see that whole interaction from Linc’s point of view and how he found out about Aurora as well as why the family never knew about her to begin with. He was so nervous to meet her because he just wanted to give her everything that she missed out on however he wasn’t expecting her to be pregnant and he wasn’t expecting to be roadblocked by the Prescotts. Though he was pleased that people cared about her. And the fact that he was pleased was brought to his attention by his assistant and best friend, Jordan. I am a sucker for a good best friend romance (and enemies to lovers but that’s another story) so this one was up my alley. I will say that it didn’t move as quickly as other Carly Phillips books have for me but that didn’t make it less enjoyable. We learn that Jordan is pregnant in the blurb so I was just kind of waiting for it to happen and for the storyline to form around that event however it was the climax of the book and the book as whole didn’t really have much to do with her being pregnant but rather them avoiding their feelings for each other for years. Linc thought he would be like his father if he pursued her and Jordan was convinced that because they were from two different worlds they would never work. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve read a story where two characters tried to convinced themselves it would never work for most of the book. Well, Jordan was much longer than Linc. Anyway, I think that this was a solid start to this new series and I’m really interesting in finding out what happens next. And I hope that Aurora gets her own book because I would absolutely love that. Keep me posted if you have thoughts on this book as well!

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