Mafia King by Rachel Van Dyken

Published: April 27, 2021

This book was so good though I do wish it were longer. It definitely wasn’t as dark as the other mafia royals books have been which I think is because Kartini wasn’t as dark and neither was Tank. However, we did learn why Kartini was the wild child and really whose fault it was (Ash. It’s always Ash’s fault). And because of that she became made very early on. Which bothered her and her family so she suppressed the feelings the best she could. While all of this was going on Tank was still straddling the line between the mafia and the FBI. Though he owed his childhood to the director of the FBI he knew that he couldn’t go on being a part of both worlds. The mafia and the FBI knew this too and were just using him for as long as they could before they forced him to choose. Only his last assignment was finding out what happened the night that Kartini became a made woman. And the FBI agent that was killed at the wedding.

While this one didn’t go as deep or as dark as the previous books have it was still so good. I do think a novella was a great size just because Kartini wasn’t as complicated of a character and neither was Tank. Would I have liked more backstory on both of them and more back and forth between them? Absolutely. But it wasn’t necessary to the storyline so I do appreciate the brevity. This one also heavily leads up to Makism and Izzy’s book with them bickering and fighting all the time. I can’t wait for that one. And to see Ash fuck it all up again for other people since he is very good at it. Also, because Izzy is his sister and he has a thing with men sleeping with his sisters.

—“I’m killing you,” Tank said in a low voice. / “Many have tried.” Maksim just grinned. “All have failed. I’m too pretty.” -Maksim—

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