Heavy Petting by Erin Nicholas

Published: May 25, 2021

This book was so cute. Though it wasn’t as hilarious as the other books that was because Fletcher is probably the most even-keeled Landry next to Sawyer. So he didn’t really do anything crazy besides get on a plane to rescue his best friend after he thought her heart was broken. But that is like standard Landry characteristics. If you haven’t read any of the Boys of the Bayou books yet you’ll learn that this was tame. I will say that I fully expected Jason to be more of a villain than he was. He was actually just a really sweet guy who didn’t know what to do when he fell out of love with his high school sweetheart. Though he wanted to make things right with Jordan she wasn’t even angry with him. Especially when you consider that this book is also a surprise wedding romance because what do people do in Vegas? They get married. That’s exactly what Fletcher and Jordan did. Though in true male fashion Fletcher did freak out about his decision for about half the book after that.

I know that the next book is going to be even funnier than this one because the Landry is way crazier. But I will be interested in whether or not Erin Nicholas will do a book that is Landry adjacent. Not just a novella but I’d love a full book with Naomi and Donovan. I think that would be so cute. Naomi has to get an HEA. There is so much we don’t know about her and this was the first one where we really got to see her. I would also love a Fiona and Knox book. So if Erin Nicholas or someone connected to her is reading this I want a Fiona and Knox book!! Finally, I can’t wait to see what animals they add to their sanctuary by the bayou next. It is never boring.

—“When it’s a wedding reception, we them hors d’oeuvres. Like classy people.” -Cora—

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