My Rebound by Carrie Ann Ryan

Published: June 8, 2021

This book was surprisingly good for me. I wasn’t sure how I would like it considering MacKenzie was in a relationship all of the previous book with a guy who ended up being a total asshole so I wasn’t sure what interactions they would have in this book but I should have known that Carrie wouldn’t let him continue as part of all of their lives. So that was rather nice. This book really went into some deep emotions that people don’t think 20 somethings feel but they really do. The characters were all still dealing with grief and then they threw regular life into everything and they learned that they were not coping well. They missed their friend and had to deal with the fact that their roommate was an asshole to someone whom they all cared for.

MacKenzie and Pacey actually really worked well together. Pacey had secrets that no one knew about but MacKenzie was tired of secrets since she was lied to for so long. I can’t write about what the secrets Pacey had were because that would be a major spoiler and no one wants that. I will say though that MacKenzie was a badass towards the end of the book. She grew up so much throughout the story and took on the patriarchy like a pro. Now no one thinks of strong females being so young but she showed that she could learn and grow and take on a male dominated system and still come out on top. Yes, it was touch and go for awhile but that is what made the story so interesting. Then having Pacey there to back her up and watching their story grow. I loved that. I’m really looking forward to Miles and Nessa’s story because they are not the couple that I was shipping so I think it’s going to be really interesting.

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