Dragon Mine by Donna Grant

Published: July 12, 2021

I have been waiting for this full length novel in the newly minted Dragon Kings series. We had a novella earlier this year that introduced readers to the world of Zora and the fact that dragons live and rule the land with the twins of Con and Rhi as the leaders of all of the dragons. Clans were no longer a thing with the dragons so the twins (mostly Brandr) believed that the kings would come to Zora to take over ruling their clans no matter that the dragons had not been ruled in such a way for eons. But Eurwen wants to know her parents and by doing so she opens a path for her to meet Vaughn again. Con and Rhi had been trying to meet their children since finding out about them but the twins blamed Con and the Kings for the dragons being sent to an unknown world and the fact that so many died without them while the humans still lived on Earth. They also blamed Rhi for not knowing about them even though it was them who decided not to return to her and to stay with Erith.

The dynamic between all of them was initially strained and there was definitely a rough start to begin with but what kind of story would this be if there wasn’t growth. With V and Claire’s baby on the way and a new threat on the horizon the twins need to decide who they are going to trust. They have always had each other’s backs and now they are divided in their beliefs. What to do? What to do? That is the ultimate question for Brandr while Eurwen is both worried about her brother and the dragons as well as fearing her connection to Vaughn. I loved the back and forth with Eurwen and Vaughn even though I might have thought that Eurwen was being a bit of a diva but she is a Dragon Queen so she can do what she wants. I’m also super interested in this new enemy that they are all facing and to avoid spoilers I won’t say what happens to the baby BUT what a scene. The whole book was full of can’t put down awesomeness and I really want the next book like now. I’m so curious what is going to happen now that the Kings have been to Zora and seen that the decedents of their dragons live. Also, the whole thing with the Silvers definitely made me tear up. I hope we get to see more of them too. This book was hands down one of the best books of the summer. Don’t miss out!

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