Kissing the Cowboy by Kennedy Fox

Published: July 13, 2021

I love a good best friends to lovers story. This is one that readers of this series totally saw coming but didn’t quite know how it would play out or come to fruition. Of course Ethan hid his feelings so well that no one knew if he would ever admit them let alone if Harper would come to her senses and tell him about her feelings. But leave it to alcohol to fix things. Though it was a very round-a-bout way to fix it. When the wine tells Harper to tell her nemesis that she is in fact engaged she knows that the only person she can convince to be her face fiancé is her best friend. But clearly the girl never reads romance novels because we all knew how that was going to work. It ended up with them in bed. And if you think that is a spoiler then you don’t read enough best friend to lovers romances either.

I thought it was cute how they pined away at each other but neither of them had the will to actually say their feelings. Or rather they were too afraid that their friendship couldn’t stand up to that. And with all of these serious feelings happening there were still the regular Bishop antics going on throughout the storyline. They were sprinkled in like fun little nuggets to keep the reader entertained and to remind them that they were still reading a Bishop book even if it is with the second generation. I am wondering though if we are going to have a ménage book in the future with Knox and Kane. The girl can’t decide and they both love her but could they share? I don’t think that Kennedy Fox has ever written a ménage book and I really would be interested in seeing if they do this. I’ll be happy with just a regular cowboy romance but I do like them extra spicy. Finally, this storyline leads well into Greyson’s story and I want to know what he did to piss Kenzie off so bad. I hope it was something real and not something she made up in her head. Shit like that gives women a bad reputation. I also hope we get to see more of the goats. I thought the way that everyone had to run around after them was hilarious. Can’t wait for more soon!

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