Inked Obsession by Carrie Ann Ryan

Published: July 20, 2021

The next book for the Fort Collins Montgomerys is finally here. This book does not take place right after the epilogue of the first book where readers found out that Eliza’s husband had died in combat. It does take place about a year afterwards as she has started to move on with her life so that she doesn’t live under the black cloud of being a widow that others have place over her. Though she hasn’t truly let herself live because she really doesn’t know how. It doesn’t help that everyone treats her with pity and kid gloves. But Eliza was one of those characters who grew throughout the storyline. She opened up and shared her feelings not just with her friends but with the unlikely, Beckett Montgomery. He had been there for her when she cried so he knew everything that had been thrown at her. Beckett was also a great character who grew throughout the book. While Eliza was dealing with the grief of a husband; Beckett was dealing with grief of a friend and survivor’s guilt. He survived a shooting while his friend did not and he couldn’t do anything to change that. As the oldest Montgomery brother of this brood he fixed everything which is how he ended up at Eliza’s house at the right time to help her with her emotional overload.

I really liked the finding each other while on vacation thing. It was different than a typical vacation romance for the pure fact that they knew each other and while they still wanted to get away and do their own things they then had someone to spend time with when they wanted. But as vacation stories tend to go a bed gets involved and things get complicated. I think it was written remarkably well because the awkwardness was minimized a lot. I fully expected them to avoid each other but instead they leaned into it and forged a relationship which was pretty great. I also want to say before I end this post that I do wish Eliza and Natasha would have had a confrontation. I know that isn’t in Eliza’s character but I feel like that was left too wide open and there wasn’t enough closure for me. I mean come on she should have at least had it out with the in-laws. They were awful people and definitely fit into the “villain” role. I cannot wait for Brenna and Benjamin’s book because DAMN that epilogue. Also, I’m kind of afraid of what Marc has been doing to Archer so I really want his book too so it can be resolved. Basically I just need all the books. But so do you so don’t miss out on this one!

—“You and Beckett?” Paige asked, clapping her hands together. “Where? When? Give me all the details.” She paused. Considered. “Maybe not all the details. Maybe small details. Little ones. Not crazy things.”-Paige–

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