Jett by Sawyer Bennett

Published: July 19, 2021

We are back in the world of Vengeance Hockey! We took a break from this awesome series for Sawyer Bennett’s other awesome series Chronicles of the Stone Veil which I, unfortunately, have not written a review for the final book but it was still awesome. In this next hockey book we get the Swedish playboy and the British single-mom. Though the playboy doesn’t know that the single-mom is a mom. Jett likes kids well enough but he had never really needed to be around them and he didn’t want the complication of them. So even though the pursued Emory very hard the minute he found out that she had a daughter he knew that nothing more could come of their relationship. Only he couldn’t stay away from her. Which was so freaking sweet. He didn’t really know how to incorporate himself into her life when there was a child to think about. So a no strings attached arrangement was born. But like with most romances whenever a no-strings relationship is created strings always end up because feelings seem to always show up for the heroes. They did a relationship so well too. They had to work to keep each other separate from their lives and feelings but as these strings kept tangling Jett knew that he didn’t want to be without Emory and worked to show her that he could be everything her family needed.

If you follow me on anything else you will notice that I have this book three stars but it was really more like 3.5 stars for me. This was partly because though the relationship was great I was kind of hoping for more struggle. It just developed so naturally that it lost some of the pizzazz or spark that I look for in a couple. Especially when you consider that Emory wanted nothing to do with Jett’s playboy ways. I also had a problem with the ending. It was so abrupt. Like not even an epilogue to tell me what happened with the deadbeat ex-husband. There wasn’t the closure I need which did affect my review. But this book should still be read as a part of the series. Riggs has more dialogue in this one than any other book which is a great way to set up for his book. Overall, I’m definitely going to continue reading this series but this novel wasn’t my favorite.

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