Dawn Unearthed by Carrie Ann Ryan

Published: August 17, 2021

This was a great new paranormal romance from Carrie Ann Ryan. We are back in the world of shifters and witches but in a new part of the country and with a new town full of the unusual. Witches that protected a town full of paranormal beings but who were running out of the power and ability to do it on their own. Until a mysterious untrained and unknowing witch shows up in town only to save a bear shifter without even knowing what she was getting in to. Though the bear shifter, Rome, recognized her as his mate right away. The problem was that she was a witch who didn’t know anything about the paranormal. Or the town that she is now a part of.

Sage was a strong character and after having the requisite freak out she adapted to her new reality really well. Especially if one considers that an evil witch keeps trying to kill her. And though she doesn’t succeed in killing Sage the evil does kill some beloved characters so be prepared for tears. I didn’t know that was coming and there were all the tears really. But this book was simply gripping from beginning to end. I enjoyed all of it and really want the second one as soon as possible. Y’all definitely don’t want to miss out on this new book.

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