Code Name: Tiara by Sawyer Bennett

Published: September 7, 2021

I really enjoyed this book. Though the one thing I didn’t like about this one was that it wasn’t as action packed as previous Jameson Force books. Generally, there is a lot of action when the Jameson Force Security is called in by in this one that wasn’t the case. It was more about preventing anything from happening than it was about reacting to what had happened. So without the action this book was a bit slower than the other ones. It was also a slower relationship because a princess and a bodyguard don’t really belong together even though they really want to be together. Of course, they decided to have some “fun” together while on the trip even if Camille basically had to trick Jackson into it. I like the growth that both the characters showed throughout the book in slight ways. Jackson was convinced that Camille would be a spoiled brat and wouldn’t actually work hard because everything was given to her. Camille didn’t think she needed special protection from an American security agency when she had her own people. They learned about each other and what worked and didn’t in their pseudo relationship for the weeks they were together. Overall, this book was well written and so cute. The couple was awesome and they (of course) figured out a way to be together. Which was the whole point and really makes the reader happy to have an HEA.

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