Winning the Cowboy by Kennedy Fox

Published: August 71, 2021

I’ll start this post off with this book got better as it went. It started out pretty bad for me because I could not stand Kenzie. Like she was such an immature brat for a good portion of the book. I can see being mad for a year or so but six years is just too much. Like move on. She could have easily talked to Grayson and avoided everything but she didn’t so she just acted like a child through the other books and a good portion of this one. Though unlike her sister she did grow up and admit her faults. And I’m pretty sure I cheered when she called herself an ass because that’s exactly what she was acting like. I appreciated that they were able to move on but it took about half the book which meant I was annoyed with the female protagonist for half the book.

I liked Grayson as the male protagonist. I will say he had the patience of a saint for some of the stuff that Kenzie pulled but he wasn’t innocent either. Which balanced nicely because I don’t think I could have handled Kenzie at all if she was mean to just the nicest guy ever. Thankfully that wasn’t Grayson. After the first half of the book they made a great couple and though I do wish there was some closure with Grayson’s family I recognize that doesn’t always happen. I will also say that I’ve been enjoying the epilogues from the child’s point of view that they’ve done for other books. I think that’s really cute and unique. Now I’m waiting for the next books and I was really hoping for a ménage book with the twins that is not the case. Either way I’m hopeful that I’ll really enjoy them and even if I get annoyed the covers on all of these books just put me in a happy place.

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