Just One Chance by Carly Phillips

Published: October 12, 2021

This book was so good. I’m a big fan of second chance romances and this one did it really well. It was a second chance that both characters kind of fell into. Xander has a new movie coming out for his book and they got a hot start for the lead female role the only problem is that this star is his ex, Sasha. I like how he figures he can just avoid her except for when they are on set. The man always thinks that he can avoid his love but that is never the case. In this book the reason why he can’t avoid her is that she comes and looks for him in order to do her job better and he finds out that she has a stalker. Though it’s the first Sasha had heard about it as well.

I liked the drama of the stalker and that Xander kept thinking that he was the only one affected by their first breakup. The stalker didn’t escalate in the way I had expected him to so it didn’t invoke any dread or anything in me for what would happen next. I do kind of wish that would have happened. This book is important to set up the heroine and hero for the next book so you don’t want to miss it. Overall I enjoyed this one and it was a fairly quick read. Definitely pick it up if you enjoy a second chance romance.

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