Sealed with a Kiss by Erin Nicholas

Published: October 19, 2021

This book was so freaking cute. I really loved that this wasn’t directly about the Landry family but rather about the friends that they had adopted as family. Naomi was the woman who was prepared for everything but she wasn’t prepared for Donovan in her life. He was larger than life and he didn’t care about the risks he took. So Naomi spent her time trying to make sure he knew that people cared about what happened to him and that he needed to stop taking so many risks. The best motivator ended up showing him what he would miss out on if he didn’t take care of himself. Thus a secret relationship was born. They wanted to be close to each other but needed to not have the whole Landry clan in on their business. Which is hard to do in Autre. Naomi knows that whatever they are going to do it is temporary because Donovan doesn’t stay in one place and she likes her life the way it is. Until an opportunity arise to keep Donovan in town. How far she goes to make it happen is the best parts of this book.

I loved this couple so much. They didn’t know what to do with each other which really made their interactions perfect. The book even covered things like what happens in southern Louisiana during hurricanes and how people just go to help each other out. We also got some cameos from the Hot Cakes crew which was amazing. I love the interconnections between the series it really makes it all feel like one world. I can’t wait for Fiona and Knox’s book because it’s gonna be awesome. Those two butt heads all the time. Y’all don’t want to miss this for a good laugh and a great way to start a book.

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