Head Over Hooves by Erin Nicholas

Published: November 16, 2021

This book was so good. We have another book that is more Landry adjacent rather than about a member of the Landry clan but it was perfect. We also got another character from the Hot Cakes series. The sexy alpaca farmer, Drew Ryan, finally got his book and found his HEA away from Piper and Ollie. Which made Ollie happy. Not only did typical good guy Drew find a damsel in distress within his first hour in Autre he can’t seem to stay away from her. Rory just wants to be accepted into the town she has chosen as her own. So she decides to do the Santa Village for the Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild, but she knows that whenever something good happens to her, her father shows up to mess up her life. That is exactly what happens and she needs to figure out how to fix the problems he created.

It was absolutely an adorable book. Rory just wanted to be liked and loved by the people in her new home and Drew wanted to be seen as someone other than the nice guy. Even though they both realized that they are who they are Rory also realized that she had always belonged with the Landrys and they loved her no matter who her father is. This book was a great one to start my holiday season. I haven’t read a holiday one yet this year because I wasn’t quite ready but if you only read one this year then I think it should be this one. It was perfect for the season and it builds up for Zander’s book which comes out next.

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