Nothing by Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan

Published: January 25, 2022

I love a good M/M romance. I enjoyed that this book didn’t occur at the end of the Fort Collins Montgomery series but rather in the middle. I feel like the novellas generally take place at the end of a series to wrap up characters like Riggs and Clay who are not officially part of the series family. But these two were so awesome together and the fact that this was actually a second chance romance was a nice surprise. I had always thought there was something between them and to find out that they had a high school fling was so cute. This novella was cute but also didn’t have a ton of conflict. There was a bit with Riggs’s ex-husband but it wasn’t too huge. His character was just enough of an issue to add flavor to the storyline. Overall this book was a very quick and highly enjoyable read. The couple was just so cute.

—“Now that you’re through thinking of lat ’90s and early 2000s shows from the WB or CW-whatever it’s called now-know that Clay is a friend.”

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