Munro by Kresley Cole

Published: January 25, 2022

This book was worth every single second of the wait. While many people might have given up on this author and her series I am not one of those. I diligently waited and re-read when I wanted more and the wait was absolutely worth it. I love the lykaes so much but I also love that nothing is easy for them mate-wise. They totally think being a lykae is the end all be all and that usually doesn’t work for their mates. Which makes for a fairly gripping storyline.

This book started off right where MacReive‘s epilogue ended. We have Munro captured by the warlocks and in an attempt to save his dying human mate he bites her and allows himself to be vassaled to be a warlock slave. That is until he does the impossible and beats the control of the warlocks. I won’t go into how he does that because it’s a good story and really a big spoiler but it was really good.

I thought that the writing in this book was a bit different than the previous ones. Not in a bad way but I think the writing built up to everything more than in the previous books. Like the other ones just seemed more action-packed in the beginning and this one didn’t to me. Though that didn’t last long as Munro fought for his mate and the trials he went through not only to earn her love but also to turn her from a mortal. Like others who changed from being mortal, she was simply not about that. So their fights are just as awesome.

Finally, we not only get to see characters like Lothaire and Ellie for extended periods of time but we also learn more about how the series is going to go. There is a particular conversation with Kristoff that is very enlightening. And the epilogue made me just stop. Like I was shook. The information that that one extra chapter provided is definitely a game-changer in the Lore. However, even though there are some awesome characters that still need their stories we also do not hear from the Morior in this one. There are references to the events in Sweet Ruin particularly with Darak Lyka but nothing else. Oh and we get to see the viciousness that the nymphs really are capable of. Everyone thinks they are just fluff. Well, they are wrong. Dead. Wrong.

To recap this book was simply the best book I have read in a while. It was worth all of the wait and the worry over the author. I’m glad nothing bad happened to her. But seriously if you are reading this and think that you don’t want to give this series another shot because you had to wait so long for the book listen to me when I say you need to read it. You will not regret taking the chance. And that is where I need to leave off otherwise I’m going to start spilling spoilers.

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