The Final Play by Amie Knight

Published: February 3, 2022

This book was so cute. I wasn’t sure what to expect since it had been a hot minute since I’ve read this series but it was just as good as I remembered. In fact this might have been my favorite though the last one was quite deep as well. This one was not only a surprise pregnancy trope but she was pregnant with his brother’s baby and he was a total asshole the first time he met her. Though can we call it meeting when Mason spoke to her through the Ring doorbell rather than opening the door? Then was surprised when she left after he’d terribly insulted her. Like good for Glory sticking to her guns and not letting him get away with being a jerk. It’s clear that Mason isn’t normally a jerk so I’m not sure what possessed him at the being. It did make for great drama though. And that drama continued as the two of them learned to cohabitate and even learned more about each other on an intimate level.

I did really like that not everything was sunshine and roses. This book dealt with the consequences of drug abuse and even depicted what a user in withdrawal can be like. Not only that but Glory was a foster kid. The story didn’t go into any abuse she suffered but it alluded to it and how lucky Mason was that after his parents died they went to a family friend instead of into the system. So while the book on a whole is a light romance it does deal with darker elements. I do hope that we get more in this series though. Either a book for Max or one for another Alabama Cougar player would be great!

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