The Man from Sanctum by Lexi Blake

Published: March 8, 2022

This is my first post for the Masters and Mercenaries series but with this one I have finally finished the whole series. So I will be making a general series post soon. Anyway, this book is Deke’s long awaited book. And I say it was long awaited because seriously the Lost Boys and Ten got books before he did. Doesn’t seem fair to me really. But it was such a good book that it was worth the wait. At least to those who haven’t read the whole series within the last year.

This was a second chance romance that was kind of unexpected in that the heroine also worked in tech like Noelle. They were very similar characters so it felt like we were revisiting someone we knew. Or maybe that was the second chance at work. Either way Deke was determined to get Maddie to stay with him when all of the intrigue was over and Maddie was sure that she wouldn’t. Even though they fell right back into their lives together like it hadn’t been 13 years. As with all of the books there were D/s elements to it that really just spiced up the romance.

In addition to taking place in California, where we got to see Kayla Summers again, we also learned more about Julia who she is related to and why Kyle had to take her out. We learn a bit about her end game as well so that’s gonna be super interesting. And the end of this book left all the characters changed. Probably not for the better for the most part. It was an unexpected ending that I think broke something inside MaeBe. So that will be an interesting change to see as we move forward. Finally, we learn way more about Boomer in this book and I’m loving it. He is a gentle giant and I can’t wait to read his story. Which (I believe) comes out next. Don’t miss out on this book and seeing what the MT crew gets into.

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