Used Book Shop

In my used book shop you will find a variety of items but mostly romance novels from some super popular authors and some less popular ones. It is my hope to provide readers with some cheaper options to their favorite books and also clean out my shelves a bit.

How it works:

To order an item you will need to fill out the Google Form found on each item page. In this form you will need to state which book(s) you want to purchase along with all your other contact information. The same form will be used for all the items so please list your entire order on one form. The purchaser is responsible for shipping costs and these will be calculated after the order has been placed. Once I receive the form I will send a payment request through PayPal and an email with the breakdown of the charges including the shipping cost. Once I receive the payment I will mail out the book(s). You will have 3 days to to remit payment after which I will put the books back in the shop. Because I’m a big fan of extras each order will more than likely come with author swag such bookmarks, stickers, etc. Orders shipped with Media Mail will not have these extras because it is not allowed with this type of mailing option.

Shipping Options (estimates):

Media Mail: $3+ (US only)
USPS Ground: $8+
Flat Rate Small Box: $8.30 (will fit mass market paperbacks and some others)
Flat Rate Medium Box: $15.05
Flat Rate Large Box: $21.10
Flat Rate Medium Padded Envelope: $8.40
Flat Rate Large Padded Envelope: $8.05