Kiss the Enemy by Dianna Love

Originally published in October 2013

This book is the third book in Dianna Love’s Slye Temp series. This contemporary romance will take you on a crazy adventure. Though it can be read as a stand alone novel I highly suggest reading the first two novels and the prequel novel. Everything will make much more sense if you do.

This novel takes the reader on an adventure with a strong, kick ass heroine and a strong hero who does get his butt saved by the heroine. Margaux Duke has a past that she has worked hard to put behind her and when she meets Logan Baklanov everything threatens to blow up in her face. Together they face life threatening danger after they are put in the cross-hairs of an elusive international terrorist.

I honestly loved this novel. It had adventure and romance. If you have read Dianna Love’s paranormal romance you will not regret giving her contemporary romances a chance. And who doesn’t love a strong female lead? There are six books in this series so stay tuned and I’ll let you know how the rest stand up.

All my best,

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