Double Stuffed by Daphne Dawn & Natalie Knight

Originally Published: December 10, 2017

So this book was HOT! It really was. But it was definitely more erotica than romance novel. Not that I mind that. It just makes things more spicey.

Leila is a pastery chef who has created the next “it” dessert. But when rivals Blake and Seth both want to help her expand her business and want her into bed, what’s a girl to do?

She picks both of course? And forces the two men who want her to share even though they don’t get along

I like ménage stories. Probably more than I should admit. However, I wasn’t a fan of the language used in this one. I’m all about respect even when talking dirty and I this novel just didn’t have that. I also like a well written book and there were details in this one that contradicted details we learned early on. It also contradicted the book jacket. This could be because there were two authors or it could just be how they write. I’ll let you decide.

Have fun,


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