Dark Alpha’s Hunger by Donna Grant

Published: August 7, 2018

As the newest Reaper novel from Donna Grant this one opened up a whole new possible storyline. In true form with the Reaper novels Donna didn’t tell who the hero or heroine were before hand but the only one left without a mate was Eoghan. I very much enjoyed this novel. I need to say a head of time that this review may not be without its own spoilers. I want to talk about this novel and all of its implications and that is what I will do.

Eoghan was lost in a hell realm with no hope of getting out that is until he hears a strange melody. This melody leads him through the dolmen and back into the mortal realm. There he gets a glimpse of his savior until he tells her to run. Eoghan has lived his life of a Eeaper within a vow of silence but when he returns Death has a special project for him. She wants to make him the leader of the second group of Reapers. Yes. A second group of Reapers!!! Each one in this group are unexpected and no one knows about them. Then Eoghan realizes that he isn’t complete without the melody of his rescuer. However, he was betrayed by a woman he thought he loved once. Can he get over that to try again?

Thea is an orphan and has been alone her entire life. The only things she has that is a constants is her violin and her music. She doesn’t need a sheet of music she just plays whatever comes to her naturally. It is her music that leads to Eoghan’s escape and she cannot stop thinking about him. She knows that nothing will ever happen, even before he discloses his fey origins. Then again he disclosed her fey origins as well. She is a halfling but unlike others they Reapers believe that one of her parents was a fey not a distant relative. After she is kidnapped and Eoghan finds her she needs to either break through his frosty exterior or give him up.

This book was so fabulous and like I said early there are some spoilers to come in this part so if you don’t want spoilers her is your chance to bail.

Congratulations on deciding to continue reading. So we learn so much in this book that will work in with the Dragon Kings. First and foremost is that it is confirmed that Usaeil is batshit crazy and should have been killed by Death a long time ago. She has killed any child she has ever had except for Thea. Now this makes sense to me because I was wondering how someone as sexually promiscuous as she is would not has any children. Like seriously she had to have gotten pregnant at some point. And apparently she did. A lot. But not only does she have the crime of killing all of her children and her family but she was responsible for Rhi’s and her king’s breakup simply because she wanted that king. And Rhi was an obstacle.

Unlike a common thread in this fandom I am not on team Con and Rhi. Honestly, I think Con treats her more like a little sister than someone he is secretly pining for. Rhi has a different king. For sure. The early books mention Con as being upset that a king fell in love with a fey and it wasn’t him. That’s my piece on it.

Can I just say though how much I loved all of the Irish names?! I have a friend who has the same name as one of the Reapers which was cool! I never see his name anywhere (it’s Cathal by the way). And just the Gaelic spellings of these names made this book so much more enjoyable.

So to recap a bit. There is another group of Reapers that no one knows about including Bran. Eoghan is their leader and now is with Usaeil’s daughter and the Fey Queen believes she is dead. Honestly, I am also so excited that this novel worked in with the Dragon King books. Like now that they know about the Reapers the war is about to come to its climate. I also hope that there are more Reaper books with the new team and just in case y’all missed the news Cael’s book is going to be full length!! Woohoo!!!

—“I’d rather slit my own throats than even consider taking you to my bed.” -Eoghan to Usaeil—

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