The Wedding from Hell by J. R. Ward

Published: July 17, 2018 and August 7, 2018

This is two part novella that was published by J.R. Ward for free before her new novel Consumed hit the shelves. These little books were put into place to give readers a sense of who the characters are and what sent them into motion before the new series started. And the fact that they are free just really helps everything!!

In this two parter we see the wedding that set everything in motion. The first part is the wedding rehearsal dinner where we are introduced to Anne and Danny. Anne is the only woman to work with her crew at the fire department. Danny is the irreverent playboy who has been in love with Anne almost since day one. In this first novella Anne is chosen to be a groomswoman because Moose is getting married to the devil incarnate. Moose wants her to be a part of the big day and his blushing bride doesn’t want her anywhere near the day. But said bride is also still convinced that Danny will be her’s even though she is marrying Moose.

Anyway, after much drama for a rehearsal dinner and a bachelor party gone awry the big day finally comes. It is one of the few times that an entire crew as the same time off so they are living it up. Even Anne. She knows she has this undeniable attraction to Danny and when he offers himself up to her how is a girl supposed to say “no”? She knows that it can only ever be a one night thing and that’s what has really been killing her. She wants so much more from him but she doesn’t think he is capable of that. So in order to protect herself she leaves first.

The saga between these two continues in the new novel Consumed and since I’ve read that one too (I’m a bit behind on reviews) I can honestly say it’s not to be missed!

—“Man, he was such a charmer, wasn’t he.” -Danny about himself—

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