Dragon Night By Donna Grant

Published: October 9, 2018

The next 1,001 Dark Nights novel is Dragon Night. This novel came out right before I left for vacation and I had to make it work in my schedule. It is an important novel to read so if you don’t read the dark nights novellas you can’t miss them. Especially considering the developments that were made in this novel in regards to the Druids/Fae/Dragon Kings.

Dorian has been asleep almost as long as V. His hatred for the humans runs deep so Con has kept him asleep for as long as he has been able. However, it is time for action from the Kings and he needs an artifact from an heiress in New York. Dorian’s gift is being invisible in both human and dragon form. So he knows that he can get this artifact from the heiress without a problem but Con wants him to interact with the human who owns it and try to either purchase it or steal it if he has to. The last thing he expects is the down-to-earth woman who only ever expects the worst from everyone. And when she is attacked he finds himself wanting to stand between her and all the other dangers in the world. That also includes him.

Alexandra only knows how to be alone. Everyone in her life has either left her for some reason or has betrayed her. She is fully at ease with Dorian and that is nothing short of a miracle. But when she finds out all he wants from her is an artifact that is in her possession she just wants to confront him. When she does that she discovers the impossible and confronts him about the impossible. When they are both attacked she doesn’t know how to help but she can give up the artifact for the man she loves.

The war is starting to heat up and the discoveries made in this novella have set the stage for the next novel that came out only a few weeks after this one. That full length novel will either answer questions or create more. That’s what we need to expect from the next few dragon novels from Donna Grant. 

—“I have a feeling Rhi is about to make an appearance. No’ to mention that Alex is getting us much more than I ever could. She’s good, Dorian. Verra good.” -Vaughn—

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