Catastrophe Queen by Emma Hart

Published: January 29, 2019

This novel you guys! It was hilarious! I periodically had to stop reading because I was laughing so hard. I relate to Mallory so much. The snark, the wit, the klutziness. I mean it was like this book was written for me. Only my life doesn’t have the nice ending that this book does at 25 years old. Anyway, you need to read it. It is a must in your life.

Mallory is the Catastrophe Queen. Catastrophes happen whenever she is around and mostly just to her. After burning down her apartment (probably) on accident she is now subjected to living with her parents and the crazy relatives that have come to visit and are probably never going to leave. To top all of it off she can’t seem to find a job that is willing to hire her. She has good skills she just trips over thin air. Or walks in front of moving cars on accident. And that is how she met the hottest man ever only to later find out that he is her new boss. Why is life so unfair?

Cameron can’t believe that the girl he almost ran over is his new assistant. And besides being a little challenged in the fine motor skills department she is handling everything like a pro. He also can’t stop thinking about her which is a BIG problem. He can’t date his assistant. His brand new assistant. He know she needs the job and a relationship isn’t what the new job needs. But he can’t help how endearing he finds her klutziness. One date wouldn’t hurt right?

So like many of Emma Hart’s other romantic comedies this book doesn’t have any of the wonderfully hot scenes until the end. And it is just one really. Now I do find this disappointing but I’ve come to expect it from her romcoms. It doesn’t detract from how hilarious this book is. I would read it for the snark and sarcasm alone. Honest to God. Y’all need this in your life. Especially if life has been getting you down.

—“I ran. But only like two blocks, because I was in heels, and I had the fitness level of a hippo.” -Mallory—

—“A lie in bed and watch Netflix until the judgey screen comes up person.” – Also Mallory (on what type of person she is)— [We are all this person]

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