The Roommate Agreement by Emma Hart

Published: March 26, 2019

This book was so freaking good! I enjoyed every minute of it and I was hoping it would just continue on. Seriously, I was laughing so hard in the first few chapters that I had tears in my eyes. If you’ve read my previous posts you know that I try to choose either a funny or a meaningful quote to put at the end of each post. Well, for this one there were SO many good quotes to choose from! I think I picked mine in the first chapter or two and it was so hard to not just write down half the book! I swear Emma speaks to me! She knows how I feel about being an introvert and definitely has the sarcasm locked down.

Shelby is a writer and had the stupid sense to let her best friend move in with her. She knew that she needed a roommate and when he needed a place to live she figured it would only be temporary. Three months later and he is still living with her and eating her Oreos. She can’t stand it anymore, so in true Sheldon Cooper style she has come up with a Roommate Agreement. One document that they both must adhere to, like wearing pants and cleaning hair out of the drain and picking up dirty socks. The only problem with this agreement is now he is also on the lease and her stupid more than best friend feelings for him haven’t gone away. She was hoping that they would but all of her plans to keep things under wraps come out in the open one drunk night.

Jay has known Shelby for 20 years and has never had feelings for her until he moved into her place. He knew it was supposed to be temporary but like she and his family like to remind him, he isn’t quite a functioning adult yet. Because of that he hasn’t really been looking for other places and he has pushed Shelby to her limit. She has come up with a Roommate Agreement and though he will admit that he is kind of a slob to her neat freak he isn’t bad enough for a written contract. Or at least, that’s what he thought. But it all comes back to the fucking Oreos with her, so here he is. With an agreement that he is officially a roommate and not going anywhere anytime soon. Which would be fine if she hadn’t opened a can of worms by kissing him and then mauling him and one thing leads to another and feelings are aired. He is only human after all.

I’m pretty sure Emma Hart is my spirit animal. I’d like to say one character over another is but I relate to them on so many levels. Only I don’t have a hot best friend. And that has been a theme in the a few of the more recent books. Or a hot coworker. Maybe, that’s where my life has gone down hill. Oh and I wear pants all the time. They maybe leggings or pajama pants but they are pants. Anyway, this book was just down right funny. The dynamic between the characters was fabulous and the dialogue was on point. I would also like to mention that I had to look up what the hell the Birdie Song is and the dance. I clearly do not know music history because it is the Chicken Dance. Well that’s its unofficial name. I just saved you time looking that up. You’re Welcome! Now go forth and read! This book and then another and then another, ad infinitum!

—“‘The introvert life is the only one worth living. No phone calls, no random drop-in visitors, I don’t have to wear pants…'” – Shelby—

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