Tempting by Crystal Kaswell

Published: September 28, 2017

I picked this book up from Kindle Unlimited and it wasn’t as good as I was hoping it would be but I think I will still continue the series eventually. This is a best friend’s big brother romance and I thought it would be a lot like others I have read in the trope but it generally wasn’t. I found the girl to be whiny and the guy to just be eh. But that could just be me. The writing wasn’t bad at all.

Anyway, in this novel we meet Kaylee who has just turned 18. She is working hard to be the perfect girl and because of that her parents decide to leave her in California when they move back to New Jersey to take care of her grandmother. They just drop it on her like a bomb as well. They won’t tell her what is going on with her grandmother and they have already asked if she could move in with her best friend and her brother, Brendon. The only problem is that she has always had a crust on Brendon and now that she is legal she can’t just think of him as her BFF’s older brother. But with her (at times) crippling depression she doesn’t think that anyone will want her because she is broken.

Brendon has always loved Kay. She has been around for everything and he has watched her grow into a young woman. But as a tattoo artist he thinks he isn’t good enough for her until she starts to hit on him. At first subtly and then out right. He wants the world for her and he doesn’t think that an average tattoo artist bad boy can give her that. But he will damn well try.

This novel was fairly predictable which was kinda unfortunate. I did think it was interesting that the book dealt with severe depression and even some soft core BDSM. Other than those two items that book was just an “eh”. Like I said, I think that writing was well done but the storyline could have been better. I will probably read other books by her again.

—“Just ’cause something has sex, doesn’t make it erotica.” Walker shakes his head. “Fucking plebeians, huh?” -Walker to Dean—

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