Twice As Hot by Gena Showalter

Published: January 26, 2010

Ok so after I finished the first book I knew I needed to read this second book right away. Thankfully my local library had the book and it was available so I could just go and pick it up. I got into this one much quicker than the previous one because I knew the characters already. So yes, this one does deal with our favorite super human duo Belle and Rome. The book also gave me a lot of anxiety for the couple which I did not appreciate but it did make the book very good.

Belle is back and has been learning to control her powers. She is also engaged to the love of her life and doesn’t have to worry about paying for her father’s assisted living and black market viagra because she finally has a stable job where her attitude won’t get her into trouble. Well too much. Everything seems to be working out until Rome is sent on a mission without her and comes back with no recollection of her at all. In fact, he believes he is going to try and make things work with his ex-wife. Which definitely causes fire to erupt from her. The only problem with his plan and a slight balm to her soul is that he is still extremely attracted to her even if he is a total ass about everything. So now they need to find who took his memories and Desert Gal in order to stop her nefarious plans. All in a days work for Wonder Girl.

Because this book was only done in Belle’s point of view (again) I figured I could make the review slightly shorter. There were definite points in this novel that I wanted to throw it at the wall because I was angry with Rome and the direction the storyline was taking. I didn’t actually throw the book but I did get angry over it. Needless to say it does have an HEA at the end for our main couple but it also leads up to possibly more books in the future if Gena ever wanted to revisit them and if she could revisit them within the publisher’s contract. Either way, I highly suggest this one and (of course) the first book. If you’re looking to read everything Gena has done you can’t miss these two.

—“’That’s a powerful ability you’ve got there. Seriously, I was contemplating killing Cody so we could be a couple.’ / She snorted, but she never stopped smiling. ‘We’d never make it romantically. You’re too demanding in bed. “Harder, Rome. Now, Rome. Tie me up, Rome.”‘ -Belle and Sherridan—

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