Kiss Me Again by Emma Hart

Published: October 22, 2019

The next RomCom from the incredible Emma Hart is now live for everyone! This is the last one in the trio of girls that we have seen in the last two novels from Emma. Only this one is a classic enemies to lovers story that involves a lot of meddling from well meaning friends and a big brother. Because not only is it an enemies to lovers story it is a brother’s best friend story too. Gotta love all of the conflicting emotions that stories like these bring out in the characters.

Ava has been in love with Ethan forever but to keep her feelings a secret she has turned him into her enemy. She knows it’s not rational but that is the only way she can handle being around him. And he seems to not be able to stand her too so it works out. Well it did until he moved into her spare bedroom. She keeps telling herself that this was better than a stranger moving in because she has to have a roommate to make rent but she doesn’t know why it had to be him. On top of it all he brought a hedgehog with him. She can’t believe no one told her about this! Her fear of small animals not kittens or puppies is real and shouldn’t be discounted. Living together is off to the best start.

Ethan is now living with Ava. The girl he has been infatuate with for years. But her big brother is his best friend and he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her or the friendship with her brother. So he needs to keep his feelings under wraps but that is hard to do when they have a serious passive-aggressive war going on and she pushes him over the edge. So he does what any red blooded male would do. He kisses her speechless. Only now he’s pretty sure she is going to murder him in his sleep. Maybe he shouldn’t sleep at all.

In one word this novel was hilarious. It wasn’t as over the top funny as I’ve found the other two novels but I loved all of the things the characters did to get back at each other. Stealing the insoles was genius and made me wish I would have thought of that when my sister and I fought growing up. And changing the Netflix password. That’s just devious. These two characters are my favorites for sure though all of the women in Emma’s books are sassy and snarky which makes reading them such a delight. I’m so looking forward to the books that Emma has in the works for us. In final words, I received an ARC for an honest review from the author.

—“Oh please, everyone knows we millennials can’t afford avocados.” -Angelica to Ava—

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