Bossy Neighbor by Erika Lynn

Published: December 5, 2019

Bossy Neighbor is the second novel from Erika Lynn and the first full length one that we have seen from this new author. I’m pleased to report that she writes full length novels as well as she does novellas. This novel tackles the exciting and taboo boss and administrative assistant trope.

Kate Kincaid has made it her mission to be an indispensable part of Inferno construction so when Victor decides that his son will be taking over for him she needs to readjust everything she does. She is determined to help him like she did his father but he wants nothing to do with her. Even though she knows the company in and out. When she keeps saving his butt he actually gets nicer and in turn is sending her some very mixed signals. After sharing one too many dinners and bottles of wine together the line has been crossed but he is hot and cold about it. He better stay hot if he plans on keeping the girl because she is not having any of it.

Dante Inferno has returned to his father’s company because his father is going to be in the fight for his life with cancer. He has been working on construction sites for the company for the past few years and the office life just isn’t for him so when meetings are changed on him when he can’t make them and he doesn’t have all the information he needs he starts to get suspicious but he also begins to rely on Kate more. But his attraction to her is starting to become a real problem. He needs to keep it profession around her but as their work dinners take a turn to the more personal more frequently he knows that he can’t just keep it professional with her. She is it for him and that terrifies him.

This book was a really quick read and was written well. There wasn’t much character development with Kate but Dante became less of a douche as the story went on and that was definitely an improvement. The book also had a mystery to solve that wasn’t too complicated to figure out for the reader but still kept it interesting. Check this book out for a next quick and uncomplicated read. And it’s available on Kindle Unlimited so you have no reason not to!

—“Please don’t tell me again how big Ben’s dick is. It makes it hard for me to go to dinner with you guys. I just sit there thinking about the size of my friend’s boyfriend’s member. It’s not okay.” -Kate to Quinn—

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