No Inhibitions by Erika Wilde

Published: February 18, 2020

I really love fairy tales. I always have and I always will. But I wasn’t sure how Erika Wilde was going to do an adult Lady and the Tramp. I suppose as long as you have a high class woman and a low class man it could be a Lady and the Tramp story but this one was more two people realizing they have a lot in common and more of the tramp realizing that he isn’t actually a tramp at all.

I really enjoyed the dynamic of Tempest and Remy. The book starts out during the Wilder Way Charity Ball like the other two and it even sets up for two more books in the series (hint: Rapunzel and Goldilocks and the Three Bears). While I’m excited for those two I’m glad that Tempest finally got her story. She is a strong female character who knows what she wants and is unapologetic about it. She even figures out a way to get what she wants from Remy without scaring him away. Remy is skittish around Tempest because he doesn’t have the best track record with women in his life and he can totally see Tempest as a woman in his life for the long term. But a mutual no strings attached agreement works just fine for him. And I loved reading how it inevitably blew up in their faces because feelings got involved.

But seriously, this book was such a quick read. I was at 60% on my kindle before I even knew it. And though the book does end in an HEA and has actual feelings in it those steamy scenes were pretty great. The tramp likes it kinda rough. 🤣 So on that note I leave you with a “go pick up this book” and look out for the next one up. Rapunzel.

—-“And that sensual, inviting distraction was Tempest Wilder, the one woman who drove him crazy with lust and made him ache to end his three years of celibacy in her sweet, warm body.” -Remy—-

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