Everbound by Donna Grant

Published: December 3, 2018

I don’t know what took me so long to read this book. I have had it on my kindle literally since it came out over a year ago and it took the new book coming out this month to get me to read it. I hope you weren’t like me and that you have read it already but on the chance that you haven’t go out and read this one! This book wasn’t a slow start at all but after not reading reading the series for so long it did take a bit for me to remember who the characters were and what had happened in the previous books. This book was about Helena and Jarin both of whom we had met previously. Helena is a powerful witch who has been fighting with the Coven and winning. At least until Sybbyl really focuses on her and then she will need to decide if she wants to continue to fight or to let someone else do it. Jarin is a warlock from a group that was considered more myth than reality but they are still around to help cull the Coven. Little do either of them expect how much they will come to rely on each other through their battles with the Coven.

I loved the storyline of this book. It had several intense battles that changed the course of this story arc and the results weren’t always happy. I liked that because it made things seem realer than they would have been normally. Like the good guys don’t always win in real life and that was seen in this book. I also loved that Helena will continue to stand against the Coven and they can never fully achieve their goals without her. And that just makes the next book all the more interesting because she and Jarin will continue to be a huge part of this series. I also really hope that Malene and Armir get their own book. They deserve to be happy too!! I will definitely be reading the next book when it comes out this time. None of this waiting over a year crap.

—“Jarin smiled and lowered his head. Sybbyl would not be getting what she wanted from him. Not now. Not ever.” -Jarin—

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