Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Book 1 by Dianna Love

Published: September 22, 2020

I wasn’t entirely sure where this series would be going when Dianna announced that there was going to be a spin off of the Belador series but honestly I liked the way it went since Daegan deserved to have either one very large book or an entire series. So I’m glad that there are going to be nine books in this chronicle. This book does start not long after Evalle and Storm’s book with all Hell about to break loose in Atlanta with someone waiting in the shadows to expose the preternatural world. But now they are going after all Beladors and not even the dragon king of Treoir is safe or immune from them. Then of course it all goes to hell when the Beladors are targeted specifically to expose the preternatural world. And on top of that someone imitating his red dragon is going around and burning forests in Europe. Daegan doesn’t know who or what is doing that but he does know that this fake dragon was the beginning of the Dragoni Wars and he can’t allow that to happen again. But first he must free his people from an ancient evil that can kill gods. So you know. Normal stuff.

I loved the mystery of this book and I also kind of loved the fact that nothing was solved. Since this is the first book in a continued nine book series absolutely nothing is resolved in it. But I will make for an explosive beginning to the next book. Also, a note for fans of the Belador series. This particular book I would not categorize as a romance since there is no romance in it. It’s an awesome urban fantasy/paranormal novel but we never got to a point where Daegan would find his dragon queen. Not yet at least. Until we get to the next and maybe the next books. I hope you all enjoy this much as much as I did!!

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